The 90,000 Hour Investment

It’s estimated that the average person spends about 90,000 hours at work during their lifetime. And throughout those 90,000 hours, that average person will change jobs about 12 times.

As you reflect on your working life, how did you invest your 90,000 hours? Behind a desk or on an assembly line? Maybe you’re one of those people who held 12 (or 13 or 20) different jobs, or you stayed in a position or at a company for the long haul. You may have co-workers who became close friends, and had opportunities to travel, meet interesting people, or take on unique challenges. You have great stories to tell of watercooler chats, challenging bosses, and first-day nerves.

No matter what jobs you held, you likely have retirement benefits available to you. Did you know the time you worked—along with the assets you have as a result—can be turned into a blessing for the charitable organizations you care about, both during and after your lifetime? Some ideas include:

  • Beneficiary Designation. The simple effort it takes to add us as a beneficiary of your Individual Retirement Account (IRA), 401(k), or 403(b) can have a significant impact on the work we do and the people we serve.
  • Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). A tax-free distribution from your IRA to a charity, a QCD enables you to make a difference in lives now. What a gift to see your blessing in action!
  • Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA). A CGA allows you to use your assets to give to a charity while also receiving income during your retirement years.

Author Stephen Covey once said, “Your most important work is always ahead of you, never behind you.” Whether you worked 90,000 hours, 90, or somewhere in between, the good work you did then can continue in the good work of the charities close to your heart.