3 Surprising Benefits of Generosity

Most parents would agree their children are one of the main reasons they have joy in their lives and gray hairs on their heads. But as wonderful as every child is, there’s something different about the ones who are “yours.”

Our kids and grandkids burrow into our hearts in a special, deep way. It’s our feelings of closeness and commitment to them that spur the relationship and intimacy.

A similar type of relationship can grow between ourselves and the organizations or causes we believe in. When you resonate with the mission of a particular charity, it’s easy to feel personally connected to their work and the people they serve. You may even choose to donate your time, advocacy, or money in support of their mission—and when you do, the relationship and commitment deepens even more. Their mission becomes yours too.

Some people who share our mission have gone so far as to include a gift to our organization in their will. Here are three powerful things that happen when they do. Those individuals:

Commit out loud. When someone notifies us of a planned, in-will gift they make a statement of their dedication to our mission and those we serve. They communicate a long-term commitment to our family and help us know how to plan wisely for the future.

Create impact. Every dollar you give to a charity you care about is an investment that lasts, it can even be an act of worship for all God has given you. There may be tax savings and benefits associated with your gift, but even more than that, your investment ensures people’s lives will be changed for good.

Build a legacy. Everyone wants to know their life counts for something. When you leave a charitable gift in your will, you design a legacy that will long outlive your life. Romans 7 says that when we live and die in faith, “we can produce a harvest of good deeds for God.”

Adopting our ministry as a member of your extended family and heritage through your will, can enrich your life with deeper meaning as you enjoy the benefits and fulfillment of your future gift right now.